Our goal is to document a motorcycle itinerary that leads to the rediscovery of Tunisian culture, craftsmanship and the beautiful landscapes of the country: a journey through ksar, archaeological parks, hammams, mountain oasis, and desert. The flavors of Tunisian cuisine and the hospitality of the inhabitants will not be left out.

We want to testify that Tunisia is a safe and favorable place for tourism and that the new government is ready to relaunch a new way of life in this country so that it does not only accommodate cruise ships for a short time.
We aspire to a new tourist belle epoque, which focuses attention on culture and integration, penetrating the plots of the Tunisian social fabric.
It will be a typical overland trip, using enduro motorcycles (the ideal means of transport for your territory) that will travel from North to South in all the places that represent the landscape, the history and the culture of Tunisia.


Made by the two Founders of the Association with one Member, all with personal motorcycle.


class of '81, surveyor, cycle and motorcycle traveler, passionate about languages and photography, with a great attitude in sniffing peculiar social contexts. He has 1 motorbike trip to Tunisia.


class of '76, forest agronomist, passionate about travel, photography and mechanics. He has 5 motorbike trips in Tunisia and 2 in Morocco.


class of '94, Information technology manager, marketing expert and social media. Always look for complicated adventures.


An audio-visual series will be produced and will be published on the leading social networks: Facebook and YouTube.
A photographic documentary will be shared on Instagram, and all the material collected during the trip will be published on websites, forums and magazines specialised in motorcycle journeys.


We do not ask for a simple sponsorship, we invite You to join our team.
We believe that coworking is the most innovative and effective form of collaboration to succeed in this type of project.


Banner rotation onto photographic and video gallery.


Your name will be on photo description.


Your name will be posted into website.



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